Cleopatra Anthony Room

Ever wished you were someone like Cleopatra? You could be in her bedroom, surrounded by sculptures, carvings, and artifacts. Servants would feed you grapes while you lay in bed. Having a romantic evening as she had with Anthony. The Cleopatra Anthony room is decorated to give you the luxury of a Pharaohs de queen. This room is furnished with a Victorian queen bed, private bath, Egyptian Pharaohs paintings, status to give you the look and the feel of that era. Egyptian Moroccan handmade genuine leather ottoman Pouf. This recreates the glory of ancient Egypt in a specially designed room. Incorporating the colors found in the desert and utilizing design motifs from ancient artifacts ensure the proper ambiance of the Pharaohs taste. The bedding is accent with plush pillows imported from Egypt with a design of ancient goddess. Lastly, to create the ultimate Egyptian-themed bed, drape a sheer, golden canopy over the bed. Window treatments are sheer and flowing with beautiful curtains, as if they are allowing a cool Egyptian breeze into the bedroom. The use of gold-braided cording and tassels as curtain tie-backs, to give it look and feel of royal room. To add more to the atmosphere of Cleopatra and Anthony, the walls are decorated with gold-framed portraits of ancient pharaohs and Egyptian queens to take you back in time and make you live that night as royalty. The room also is accent from side tables and other surfaces with vibrant marble lamps and reproduction Egyptian statuettes from antique stores.

(Double occupancy)
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